NAFTIS designs, develops and implements products for petroleum and petrochemical industries.


These products are part of the facilities of oil depots, sites of dispatch / receipt of the products in refineries, chemical and agro-food plants, production plants in air gas ...
NAFTIS has two complementary activities:


The activity 'Engineering and Mechanical Engineering", which designs and manufactures loading arms, loading skids and complete systems for tank truck and railcar loading ;


The activity "Automation and Instrumentation", which designs and implements solutions for automation of loading of liquid products, as well as equipment for injecting additives, electronic counting and process control.



Our expertise in system loading, based on teams formed around professionals with over 25 years experience and our ability to offer innovative technical solutions adapted to different environments  make NAFTIS your interlocutor.






NAFTIS is awarded to

"Réseau Entreprendre Sud Ile de France"


NAFTIS is certified ISO 9001 version 2015

 NAFTIS is certified GOST

NAFTIS is certified GEHSE